A Review On Second Hand Store Clothing

Second hand clothing stores are great and can be a lot of fun if you have the patience to go through everything. Unlike department stores or other stores that have all of their clothing nicely organized and sorted by label and color, second hand clothing stores can be a bit more disorganized but you can find real treasures there.

I’ve been to some of these second hand stores and they have great women’s clothing. You can find things like Prada shoes, Escada purses, Gap sweaters, expensive jewelry pieces, hats, and coats. Whereas these items may cost you an arm and a leg at a higher end store, second hand stores can have just as good merchandise for extremely lower prices. Take the pair of Prada shoes at the second hand store, there they cost anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars. Now, if you walk into Saks Fifth Avenue, that same pair of shoes will cost you at least three hundred dollars. The second hand pair may be more beat up, however, if you don’t mind stepping into someone else’s shoes that they’ve worn for a year, I highly suggest going for the second hand store pair.

If you have the time, it can be a lot of fun to go through all of the racks and find some real hidden treasures. Let’s say you are going through a rack of sweaters, there can be a lot of no-name-brand sweaters, and then finally you will come upon a gorgeous pink cashmere DKNY button up cardigan that is just calling your name. You are surprised when it only says “twenty dollars” on the tag and it is your size. This is a real buy and you would be silly to give it up. I would say, if you saw a pair of Prada shoes at a second hand store, just buy it no matter what cost or condition it is in, given it is in at least somewhat a good condition. That is a name brand you don’t want to give up.

Now, among all of the treasures at the second hand thrift store, it is true there are some pretty ugly things hanging around. You may even see some items with holes or missing buttons or zippers. You can stay away from these items. But if you think it is a pretty good name brand and you can sew the button back on yourself, it may be worth the cheap investment to fix it yourself later when you get home.

It is true that other stores and department stores may have better customer service than second hand stores, however part of the fun of the second hand store is rumagging through all of the clothes on your own.

I would recommend just trying out one of these stores one day and see how you like it. You can find really good deals on women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, and more. Sometimes they even have house accessories, books, and furniture. If your wallet has been low on cash, I would highly suggest checking out a second hand store

Make Your Ballet Shoes Last Longer

If you’re a parent of a young child you’ll be familiar with the remarkably fast rate that children’s feet grow. This can make buying new shoes a very regular and very expensive event. If you find that you’re replacing your ballet shoes just as often, then check out these top tips to help them last longer and save yourself some money!

The first tip is to consider the type of ballet shoe you purchase. They are mainly available in leather, canvas and satin. Whilst satin is the most aesthetically pleasing, it’s best to keep them for special occasions as ballet shoes made from this fabric are not very hard wearing. The most hard-wearing is leather, which also has the added benefit of being very soft and light. However, it is the most expensive of the three fabrics so canvas makes good alternative.

The most obvious but often the most overlooked tip is to only wear your shoes for dance classes. Many dancers like to wear their shoes on the way to and from the studio but hard surfaces such as tarmac and grit can cause significant irreparable damage to their soles. Furthermore, grit can sometimes get caught in the leather soles or in the creases of the upper which can cause damage to the studio floor. Though it may take a little bit of time, it’s best to place your shoes in your dance bag and put on a pair of slip on shoes for the journey which are easy to change in and out of.

The next tip is to keep your ballet shoes as clean as possible. Wearing them only for dance class will help considerably but they will still pick up a little dirt and a few scuffs from the dance studio floor. If your ballet shoes have a canvas upper, simply put them in your washing machine on a very gentle cool cycle with a small amount of detergent. Let them dry naturally as direct heat from a tumble dryer or radiator may cause them to shrink. If you have leather ballet shoes, simply use a clean damp cloth to spot clean. Any marks should remove fairly easily though if you want to deep-clean them, use a tiny amount of detergent on a soft damp cloth and wipe clean with a dry cloth.

These two simple but effective tips will without question help your ballet shoes last much longer than usual saving you time and that much needed money too!